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Information on G.R. Natarajan & Co, builders & property developers Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The group specializes in Commercial, Residential properties and is based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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G.R. Natarajan & Co

The G. R. Natarajan & Co has become synonymous with supreme quality, innovative constructions, and steadfast commitment.

G.R. Natarajan & CoHistory: The G. R. Natarajan & Co is a connoisseur in the realtor segment of Chennai. Since its commencement in 1979, the organization has developed an astounding number of more than 90 completed projects of nearly 7 lakhs Sq. Ft. The company sits prettily on the top spot after having erected numerous glorious commercial and residential projects in the city. Driven by a sheer passion to succeed and excel in the field of real estate, the company is still relentless in achieving excellence in its ventures and services. Focusing on its customers and their aspirations, the G. R. Natarajan & Co seeks to establish a reliable and trustworthy relationship with them. The organization, after having emerged as one of the highly reputed organizations in the industry, endeavors to phase in fresh thoughts, ideas, and concepts in its constructions. The organization emphasizes on setting up landmarks in the field by unswervingly erecting first rate living spaces that offer their inhabitants a right environment to live in and grow. Striding towards perfection, the G. R. Natarajan & Co sternly adheres to professionalism in its undertakings. In its efforts to carve a niche for itself in the realtor segment, the organization is resolute on achieving prime locations, modern amenities, and cost effective living spaces. One factor that separates the G. R. Natarajan & Co from others is its unsurpassed quality in all its ventures.

  • Mr. K. Balakrishnan – Managing Director
  • Mr. N. Ramsundaram – Director
  • Mr. N. Sairam – Director

  • Commercial
  • Residential

Apartments from G.R. Natarajan & Co

Under Construction Apartments:
GRN Ashok Nagar
GRN Ashok Nagar
GRN East Avenue
GRN East Avenue
GRN Kotturpuram
GRN Kotturpuram
GRN Nanganallur, 49th Street
GRN Nanganallur, 49th Street
GRN Royal Park
GRN Royal Park
GRN Sitarameshwara
GRN Sitarameshwara
GRN Srinidhi
GRN Srinidhi
GRN Suraj
GRN Suraj
GRN T.Nagar
GRN T.Nagar
GRN Thiruvanmiyur
GRN Thiruvanmiyur

Completed Apartments:
GRN Amberwood Apartments
GRN Amberwood Apartments
GRN Belvedere Park
GRN Belvedere Park
GRN Corner Sangam
GRN Corner Sangam
GRN Corner Stone Apartment
GRN Corner Stone Apartment
GRN Dutch Village
GRN Dutch Village
GRN Fair Oaks
GRN Fair Oaks
GRN Jothir Akshaya
GRN Jothir Akshaya
GRN K.K Nagar
GRN K.K Nagar
GRN Krishna Kutir
GRN Krishna Kutir
GRN Lakshmi Vilas
GRN Lakshmi Vilas
GRN Mahalakshmi Villa
GRN Mahalakshmi Villa
GRN Manoharan Street
GRN Manoharan Street
GRN Manushree
GRN Manushree
GRN Nanganallur, 19th Street
GRN Nanganallur, 19th Street
GRN Pine Winds
GRN Pine Winds
GRN Pleasant Park
GRN Pleasant Park
GRN Pleasant Vally
GRN Pleasant Vally
GRN Pon Vasantham
GRN Pon Vasantham
GRN Riviera
GRN Riviera
GRN Road Island
GRN Road Island
GRN Saraswathi Apartments
GRN Saraswathi Apartments
GRN Sarvesh
GRN Sarvesh
GRN Sri Kripa
GRN Sri Kripa
GRN Sri Varu
GRN Sri Varu
GRN Swami Narayan
GRN Swami Narayan
GRN Tempe
GRN Tempe
GRN Trinity Park
GRN Trinity Park
GRN Vijaya Town
GRN Vijaya Town
GRN Vista
GRN Vista
GRN Vyasar Street
GRN Vyasar Street
GRN West Saidapet
GRN West Saidapet
GRN Woodcreek Apartment
GRN Woodcreek Apartment

Association Name:
  • Builders Association of (India) Southern Centre

Contact Details:
No. 1, Jawaharlal Nehru Street
T. Nagar
Chennai - 600017
Tamil Nadu


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